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9670 Bayview Ave.
Richmond Hill,
ON L4C 9X9
(905) 884-3399
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Cantonese 11AM(Sat) + 9AM(Sun)
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English 9AM + 11AM
Youth 9AM + 11AM
Kids 9AM + 11AM
Downtown Markham 10AM
Or Online Cantonese 9AM + 11AM English 9AM + 11AM Mandarin 11AM English 9AM

Ways to Give

James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” 

We give because God is a giver. We give because our God has given us everything we have, and we own. 

We give because our God gave himself for our sake. 

Your generosity helps us continue the mission of seeing people come to faith and grow in Christ so they can bless others do the same.

By Mail

Mail cheque with your offering number to:

Richmond Hill Christian Community Church
9670 Bayview Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9X9

By Online Giving

Step 1: Text “give” to 905-884-3399 or click on THIS LINK to make online donation

  1. Use the default Short Message Service (SMS) app in your Android or iOS smartphone to send “give” to 905-884-3399
  2. Click on the link you receive in the reply
  3. Or click on THIS LINK to make online donation

Step 2: Select congregation

Select one of the congregations or “Do not attend” if you are not a regular attendee
RHCCC Cantonese
RHCCC English
RHCCC Mandarin
Downtown Markham
Do not attend

Step 3: Enter offering information

  1. Select one-time, monthly or weekly
  2. Select fund type:
  3. Enter offering amount and then click “Add”. If you like to give to more than one fund type, please repeat the previous steps by selecting another fund type, then enter amount, and click “Add” again. The total of your offering will be added up and displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter your RHCCC offering number If you do not have an offering number, please leave this field blank and may email to apply for one.
  5. Click “Pay with credit/debit card” button to pay Please verify your offering and the amount total before clicking this button. Please also have your credit card information ready at this point. We accept VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express and Discover Card.

Step 4: Enter your credit card information

  1. Enter cardholder name, card number, expiry month and year, and CVC code
  2. Enter cardholder contact information for payment verification and tax receipt purpose
  3. Click “Donate Now” button after verifying all the information you have entered is correct
  4. Donation confirmation:
    • One-time giving: You will receive an email from, our online giving platform provider, confirming that your offering information has been transmitted to our bank. Our bank will send you a Payment Notification on behalf of us once the transaction is accepted.
    • Recurring giving: You will receive an email from, our online giving platform provider, confirming your giving schedule details upon setup. Every time your offering is processed per schedule, you will receive a payment notification. Any updates, deletion or inquiries about the recurring offering schedule should be directed to or call 905-884-3399 ext. 232.

By Online Banking

Step 1: Search and add RHCCC as payee

RHCCC has enrolled with Bank of MontrealCIBCHSBC CanadaRoyal Bank CanadaScotiabank, and TD Canada Trust as a Bill Payment Creditor. You can sign in to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking services from these banks and add RHCCC as biller(s) or payee(s).
  1. Find and click《Add a Payee》or《Manage Payees》in the menu
  2. Select “ON” in the《Payee Province》in some banks’ Online Banking or Mobile Banking services
  3. Enter “Richmond Hill Christian Community Church” or “RHCCC” in the search field and select “Richmond Hill Christian Community Church” or “RHCCC” in the payee/company name from the search results

Step 2: Enter your RHCCC online offering account number(s)

In the field, enter your online offering account number which consists of 2 alphabets and 1 to 5 numbers. For example: E G 9 1 2 3 4
E G 9 1 2 3 4
Worship Gathering Code Fund Code Your 1 to 5-digit offering number assigned by RHCCC
Valid Worship Gathering Codes:
C= RHCCC Cantonese
E= RHCCC English
M= RHCCC Mandarin
B= Barrie
V= Vaughan
D= Downtown Markham
Valid Fund Codes:
G= General
B= Building
M= Missions
T= Thanksgiving
E= Benevolence
Invalid Codes:
Offering entered with invalid Worship Gathering Code will be defaulted to “RHCCC Cantonese”, and offering entered with invalid Fund Code will be defaulted to “General Fund”. To contribute to other fund types, you will need to set up different Account Numbers under the same payee “Richmond Hill Christian Community Church” by repeating Step 1 mentioned on the previous page and continue using different combination of Worship Gathering Service and/or Fund Codes with your Account Number. For example:
  • EM91234 for RHCCC English – Mission Fund,
  • DB91234 for RHCCC Downtown Markham – Building Fund,
  • CT91234 for RHCCC Cantonese – Thanksgiving Fund, and
  • VG91234 for Vaughan – General Fund, etc.

Step 3: Make an offering

  1. In the bill payment section, from the dropdown menu, select the Bank Account you want to make the offering from
  2. Select the Online Offering Account you have set up to give to RHCCC, e.g. CG91234, from the《To》dropdown menu
  3. Enter your offering amount
  4. Enter the transaction date (or recurring payment frequency if available)
  5. Review all the information entered and submit your payment to confirm the offering
Although the offering amount will be debited from your bank account immediately upon confirmation, depends on certain banks, it can take up to 4 business days for the offering to be credited to the church’s account. Your offering will be considered received by the church upon receipt of the credit. All online offerings will be combined with other offerings under the same RHCCC assigned offering number and shown on the Monthly Offering Record posted at the reception of RHCCC. It is especially important for you to check and confirm the online account was set up properly.

Offering Number Application

For any online offering inquiries and to apply for your offering number, please contact or call 905-884-3399 Ext. 232.