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9670 Bayview Ave.
Richmond Hill,
ON L4C 9X9
(905) 884-3399
Come Join Our Worship In Person
Cantonese 11AM(Sat) + 9AM(Sun)
Mandarin 11AM
English 9AM + 11AM
Youth 9AM + 11AM
Kids 9AM + 11AM
Downtown Markham 10AM
Or Online Cantonese 9AM + 11AM English 9AM + 11AM Mandarin 11AM English 9AM


Latest News and Events

You can check out RHCCC’s latest news, add events to your calendar, and signup directly through the app!

  1. Tap English on home screen
  2. Then scroll down and tap Event Calendar & Announcement
  3. Scroll and tap event to see event details
  4. Tap to add event to your device’s calendar
  5. Click on Online Registration to sign up for the event if registration is required

Sermon Notes

You can read the sermon outline while listening to the sermon every Sunday and take sermon notes with the built-in note-taking function!
  1. Tap English on home screen
  2. Tap Sermon Notes (RHCCC) or Sermon Notes (Downtown Markham) for the sermon notes available the day before the service
  3. Fill in the blanks by typing your anser on the blue lines. If the answer is different from our database, click on reveal answer to auto complete the fills.
  4. or jot down notes inside the blue

Sermon On the Go

Stream or download our most recent sermon and listen to them whenever and wherever you are!
  1. Tap on English on home screen, then tap on Recent Sermon or Recent Sermon @ Downtown Markham
  2. or tap on YLD on home screen, then Latest Youth Sermon
  3. Tap on the sermon series you are interested in
  4. Select the sermon
  5. Tap on Listen to start listening
  6. or tap button to download the audio
  7. You can access the downloaded audio by tapping , then Download

RHCCC Notifications

Better plan your visit when you turn on the in-app notification to receive alerts and special announcements from RHCCC.
  1. Tap on on the upper left corner
  2. Then tap Settings
  3. Then tap Notifications
  4. Toggle General to activate Notifications
Please email us for technical questions and feedback!