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Special needs



To help individuals with special needs reach their full potential as children of God in knowing and experiencing HIM, and in fellowship with their teachers, caregivers and other people in our church.


To walk alongside these families to find hope in facing life challenges to bring up their children by having a strong personal relationship with God.


To foster a loving and inclusive environment by increasing the awareness about people with special needs and by providing training and ministry opportunities for brothers and sisters in Christ to show acceptance and care for these families.



  • work closely with multiple language groups (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) to accomplish God’s purposes for the families.


  • individuals with special needs are also created in the image of God and deserve a life with dignity and quality as any other human beings.


  • individuals with special needs belong to the church family of God.

1. Programs and services for individuals with special needs

  1. In-person Sparrow Sunday Service starting March 20th, 2022, at 11:00am in the chapel.  Participation by Zoom also offered simultaneously.
  2. Kids Worship (up to Gr. 6) in person with 1-1 support of caregiver.
  3. BASIC (Jr. High), Agape (Sr. High) Youth Fellowship, Ignite Discipleship (formerly known as Youth Sunday School), SPLAT Youth Worship
  4. Activities concurrent to Parent Mid Group and Small Group gatherings
  5. Abundance Club Day Program for young adults no longer in school.

Please contact Pastor Irene if interested in any of the above programs.

2. SPECIAL (Special Parents Exalting Christ’s Infinite Amazing Love) Parent Support Group

  1. to share God’s love and salvation and to nurture spiritual growth
  2. to connect parents with other families going through similar challenges
  3. to facilitate networking and sharing of resources
  4. to provide informational and educational activities related to special needs issues

3. Support Groups for Siblings