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The Bible is the Living Word.  That’s why even it was written 2000 years ago, its truth is as relevant to each and everyone of us today as much as it was to all generations past.   It’s God’s message to all, young and old.

Youth Sunday School is held from 8:45–10:00am and 3:45-5:00pm.    Please register at YLD welcoming table outside Basement Room B24 on Sunday Mornings between 8:30-10:30am. Contact:

Winter Term (January 4 to March 29, 2015)

GradeCourse9670 Bayview
8:45-10:00am High School Courses
Grade 9-12Christianity 201B20
Grade 9-12Agape Student Leadership TrainingD43
Grade 9Old Testament Survey - AB27
Grade 9Old Testament Survey - BB32/33
Grade 10New Testament Survey - AB28/29
Grade 10New Testament Survey - BB21
Grade 11Character & ConvictionsA14
Grade 11Leadership PrinciplesA15
Grade 12Preparation for University & College 201D43
8:45-10:00am Junior High School Courses
Grade 7AThe Old Testament / Listening to GodA17
Grade 7BThe Old Testament / Listening to GodA18
Grade 8AParents and Family / Friends and Peer PressureA19
Grade 8BParents and Family / Friends and Peer PressureB26
3:45-5:00pm High School Course
Grade 8-12Old Testament SurveyChapel
3:45-5:00pm Junior High School Course
Grade 7The Old Testament / Listening to GodD56