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2019年7月15日至26日 | 星期一至星期五 (10日)


城北華基兒童暑期日營,是為一群幼稚園高班至3年班的兒童舉辦的非牟利活動。主要目的是幫助本社區及本教會的孩童認識及經歷神的慈愛,學習與神同行、建立自信、愛己愛人,養成良好的品格。藉著聖經故事、手工、歌唱、教育性遊戲、室內及戶外活動等,在滿有愛心的組長帶領下, 發揮他們德智體群的潛能,並培育他們靈命的成長。以免向隅,敬請儘早報名,希望你們的孩子能享受一個既歡樂又有意義的暑假。

Children Day Camp

July 15 to 26, 2019 | Monday to Friday (10 days)
For current Sr. Kindergarten to Grade 3 students


RHCCC Day Camp is a non-profit day camp for children of SK to Gr. 3. The main purpose of this camp is to help children appreciate God’s love and to build a closer relationship with Him, he/she will learn to love himself/herself and others, and develop good characters. Through creative Bible lessons, fun-to-make crafts, singspiration, educational games, exciting field trips, interest groups and various interactive activities, we hope to build them up intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually under the care of our loving Small Group Leaders.