Spiritual Warfare Is Real and Dangerous

Pastor Teresa Tong went to Myanmar earlier this year to train 30 workers to do children ministry. She was faced with this Supernatural Evil attack throughout the trip and below is her sharing of her most prominent experience with her prayer warriors. See whom she thanked other than thanking Jesus for His protection? Her prayer warriors of course.

Paul has warned us, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)

We know prayer is the decisive weapon in this war.

Pastor Teresa is now leading a P.E.A.C.E. team of RHCCC brothers and sisters to Cambodia and Myanmar. The first group leaves today on Oct 31, 2014. Let’s not forget to send our prayers out before them. Follow the Nov 2014 team at http://rhccc.ca/peace/cambodia/prayer-items/ . Our prayers is their best support.

Now, let’s read about how Jesus protected His faithful servant from a potential bad injury in March.


Myanmar STM Prayer Letter #5 (March 31, 2014)

Dear prayer warriors,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You may not realize how much you have done by praying earnestly for my STM this time, you may not realize the power of prayer could be so great and real….. Let me tell you what happened on God’s protection these two days and then you will be amazed…..

I arrived at the mountain region on Saturday 4:00 pm. After meeting my 3 team members, we went out for dinner nearby. I just had a simple noodle in soup but I started to have diarrhea which is very uncommon for me. When I turned on my computer, it was dead, could not start at all. My heart sank as all my teaching slides, music and teaching materials are there. The next day, when the diarrhea was under better control, I started to have mild headache that my brain could not work well. My host told us the high monk knew about our mission and has said a curse on us.

Yesterday when I started my first workshop with 30 children workers at the mountain, I didn’t have peace at heart. I felt a strong sense of spiritual warfare, I need to borrow my team mate’s computer and used files from my USB key, I still had the mild headache and an unsettled tummy. So before we started, the host and the missionary prayed with me. After the prayer I felt a peace that transcends all understandings. I told them while I was praying, I saw an image in my mind that Jesus was sitting in that room, on the floor (we all sit on the floor too) in the front, just a few feet to the right of my teaching white board. I could even tell the exact location of where Jesus was sitting. When I started the class, I told the class I felt the spiritual warfare but I knew Jesus was in the room, sitting there watching over us and protecting us. So fear not, just be strong and courageous, The Lord is with us.

In the afternoon, I delivered the music worship training. I stood beside the white board, my students sat 2-3 feet across from me with a young man sitting along the front wall, about 5 feet to my right. I usually moved along that 5 feet space to deliver my teaching. While I was teaching them the song “deep and wide” and told them it was Jesus’ love that is deep and wide, I moved back close to the teaching white board to point to the lyrics. Suddenly something flew by my right side and landed on the floor. It was a 4 feet long of ceiling fluorescent lamp with a thick wooden base, again 4 feet long, fell down from the 15 feet high ceiling. It just landed at the 5 feet space between me and the young man. It was only a few inches beside both of us. The scattered glasses, wood pieces and the poisonous mercury was everywhere, flying across 10 feet away. It would have landed right on my head, the lamp, then the thick wooden base with also the mercury. I have just moved away by a few inches. It could have landed on that young man, if not, the poisonous mercury or the glass pieces could fly into his eyes since he sat so low on the floor. Somehow in such hot weather of 30 degrees, both he and I have long sleeves and long pants and have the protection of the flying glass pieces. It could fly and hurt all the other students who were just sitting so close to my front. If you don’t agree it is a miracle and not realize it is God’s protection, I have nothing more to say.

The most amazing thing is that, the lamp landed just in front of where I saw Jesus sat. I knew it is Jesus that has protected us. It is Jesus that watched over us and kept everything under control. It is Jesus that bound the power of the evil ones. I could have got hurt badly or it could have caused injury of my students. I know even when the high monk has made that bad curse on our mission, isn’t Jesus’ blood on the cross more powerful than any evil spirits? I also know it is YOU, my prayer warriors that have lifted me up in prayer so earnestly that saved my life. Thank you.

I still have another 4 days of workshops, please continue to lift me and my 3 team members up (they serve mainly at the village while I stay at the training centre). Praise the Lord, my diarrhea and headache have gone, the students received my new approach of teaching (it is very new in terms of their conservative cultural style) very well. They jumped and danced and sang joyfully the songs, especially the “Nanana Reach and Touch the Sky” song. Isn’t God amazing? PRAISE THE LORD!!! Keep us in earnest prayer please. We definitely need it. (Last night I went to bed at 8:30 and have a deep and good 6 hours of sleep, thankssssssss for your prayer)

God Bless!

P. Teresa

Cambodia 2014 Nov Update