Brazil-MapBrazil is the fifth largest country in the world in area and population, and contains one half of the land and people of South America. It is an ethnically diverse country with many large cities. Seventy-four percent (74%) of the population live in the cities. Brasilia is the capital and Portuguese is their national language. The total population is 200 million, of which 1% is Asian, with Chinese numbering about 200,000. Most Brazilian Chinese run small businesses, such as: import-export, wholesale distribution and small pastry shops selling freshly baked empanadas and other tasty Brazilian baked goods along with freshly squeezed juices. A popular business opportunity of late is the “1.99” stores, Brazilian equivalent to the  “dollar stores” in Canada. The import- exporters and wholesalers are providing ” Made in China” products for retail sales.

The major religions in Brazil are Roman Catholicism (73.6% of the total population), Protestants (15.4%), Spiritualists (1.3%) and Bautu/Voodoo (0.3%).