Being missional together

By: Alex Chan

We have heard many stories about mission trips abroad, but how are we to be missional at home? Usually, in oversea trips, we have specific ministries or locations we have planned beforehand to visit. Most of the time, our work is predetermined and we know our target group and they are anticipating our arrival.

Since our short-term P.E.A.C.E trip experiences are so unique, sometimes we run into difficulties when we return home. The culture in North American is completely different. We live in an individualistic society where the majority of people are striving hard to achieve their own goals. Many desire successful and stable careers, which translate to stable family lives. Others are seeking after pleasures. Many people have a misunderstanding of the triune God, but think they have heard enough. Religion is usually a tabooed topic in the workplace and if you are a student, usually there isn’t enough time to get into a meaningful conversation with your classmates. It feels like there aren’t many opportunities to share the gospel to listening ears.

Following are some suggestions to how each one of us can face these challenges.

  • Find support from other Christians: Find other Christians at school or in the workplace with whom you can be on mission together. This is sometimes hard in the workplace as you might be the only Christian there or unaware of others.
  • Be intentional/aware: Be sensitive to different opportunities to get to know people around you. You can even turn your hobbies into an intentional mission field. For example, you can join a sports lounge or other clubs with friends. There are usually many hidden needs/problems people are struggling with. As you develop trust in friendships, there will be chances to express God’s love to them through your actions and ultimately offer them hope through the gospel of Jesus.
  • Be prayerful: Pray for opportunities to proclaim God’s goodness in the daily routines of life. Pray for other Christians to join in your mission, wherever that is. Pray with other Christians to lift up your needs to God and celebrate when He answers and moves in incredible ways through the Holy Spirit.