• Sunny Side Up serves elementary school-aged children to high school teenagers from various backgrounds in the Richmond Hill-Markham community.


  • SSU exists to serve and encourage kids to have fun, discover who they are, and live it out in their communities

  • SSU exists as an outlet for the church community to serve its immediate community

  • We hope to make a positive impact on the kids by building great relationships with them and being bigger brothers and sisters


  • Share the gospel and the love of Christ


“I wasn’t too good at forgiving people, and then I heard the lesson about forgiveness, I remember that. Then I just thought to myself, God forgives for many reasons, he doesn’t stop forgiving. I’ve been working on forgiveness.” -17 year old teenage boy

“I learned a lot about God and forgiving people. When [my best friend] and I get into fights, they’re always telling us that we should forgive each other and say what God would have done about it.” – 11 year old girl

“We talk about to not hold grudges, and to love people and always care for them.” – 9 year old girl

“God will love us no matter what, yeah, and he will always forgive us, no matter what” – 9 year old girl

“I’ve learned that it’s more important to trust in God and also, that you should read God’s word.

I’ve learned that God is with us, and God has put me in this place to learn about him and Jesus. To learn that there’s more to life. One of my favourite memories is when we were all sitting around the craft table and around the meal table and just talking – it feels good.” – 14 year old girl

“It feels like a family.” – counselorSSU-web



To learn more, contact us at sunnysideup@rhccc.ca