An invitation to be my partner in Christ

By:  Valerie Sha

Dear Family and Friends,

ValerieI am excited to share with you the opportunity I have to serve with Youth With A Mission, also known as Y-WAM. YWAM mission’s statement is “To know God and to make Him known” – this is precisely what I will be doing. YWAM has numerous ministries nationwide, however, I will be involved in one specific ministry called ARK International located in Bangkok, Thailand with a specific focus on Children at Risk. ARK International’s main mission as stated, “We are an international body defending the rights of children at risk, restoring their dignity, and developing their God-given gifts.” I am grateful to be involved in this ministry as I go with an expectation to grow in and discover God’s heart for children who are at risk. For 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand I will be equipped and trained through YWAM Discipleship and Training School (DTS). Through the training, I will be learning more of God’s truth and developing God’s character as I learn to bring the gospel to others through creative means. Then, for another 3 months I will be participating in outreach and practically take what I have learned to make Jesus known.

Thailand-for-webI have currently been working at Sick Kids Hospital for almost 3 years this January, however, God has now led me in to this new journey with YWAM. Despite not being granted with my leave of absence, I am still thankful that God is teaching me to trust Him knowing that my security in life only lies in Him and not in my job. I can definitely say that it has been a stretching experience for me as I take these small steps of faith. I am reminded of a statement I read in a book: “radical, wreckless giving love”. This described that the more you give, the more you get. In other words, the author was saying, you only can find your life by losing it. The commitment to live this out is a great risk, but greatness has a cost. This statement has always stuck with me as I learn to continually surrender every aspect of my life and to walk obediently to God’s calling. I am also reminded that I am imperfect, yet, I am encouraged to know that God uses my weakness to become strong in Him. It is not what I can do but it is God Himself who will continually carry forth His work. I depend solely on Him to live it out. God has definitely reassured me through His presence and through Him walking before me in the path He has set out for me. My hope is that God will change me and draw me to a deeper understanding of His heart, His children and the people that I will be serving.

Would you support and partner with me by committing to pray for me?

  1. Pray for protection; spiritually, emotionally, and physically
  2. Pray for the children we will be serving, that they will be receptive in hearing the gospel and their willingness to be open and vulnerable
  3. Pray for team unity as we will be living and serving together for 6 months
  4. Pray for the leadership team to grant them humbleness and wisdom in teaching and mentoring us
  5. Pray that I will continually learn to let go of my own desires and things that I hold on to; learning to surrender and be obedient to His calling
  6. Pray that I will grow deeper in my relationship with God and that He will give me direction on whether to stay longer
  7. Pray that I will expect great things from God and that my eyes will be open to the power of the Holy Spirit who can make all things possible

Thailand-2Prayer is a powerful weapon and I would greatly be encouraged to know that you are committed in praying with and for me. If you would like to receive updates and/or to commit to praying for me please take a second to fill in the “Valerie’s Thailand Updates”.

If you would like to support me financially as well, please email, text, phone, or contact me in person as mentioned on the email. Thank you for taking the time to invest in my life and as I go I pray that you will continue on this journey with me. Together, we can bring God’s kingdom on earth, which is already here and now!