How God Tests Our Life

July 15, 2018 ()


Verse: Deut. 8:2-3, 1 Cor. 13:13

1. Before every blessing there is always a testing
2. God tests us with difficulties before He trusts us with success
3. To be blessed more & more by God, we must not stop serving & loving Him & be willing to experience His testings.

I. How God Tests Our Faith [Matt. 9:29; Heb. 11:5; Luk. 7:5]

1. In Difficulties: Praise Continually
2. God’s Demand: Obey Immediately
3. Our Dollars: Give Generously
4. In Delay: Wait Patiently
5. Uncertain Decision: Thank Proactively

II. How God Tests Our Hope [1 Pet. 1:6-7; Job 23:10. Jer. 29:11-12]

1. Trial Inspect: It Reveals
2. Trial Correct: It Teaches
3. Trial Direct: It Leads
4. Trial Protect: It Saves
5. Trial Perfect: It Matures

“A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?” – Proverbs 20:24

III. How God Tests Our Love [Matt. 28:18, 20]

How are we to love God?
1. Always be present to His Presence
2. Open space for Christ’s Presence in our lives & for the people we encounter around us [Faithful Presence, David Fitch]

How do we love God in the 3 spaces?
1. At His Table [Acts 2: 46-47]
2. Reconciliation [Matt 18:15-20]
3. With the “Least of them” [Matt 25:31-46]
4. Use our gifts rightly [Eph 4:7-13]
5. Pray the Kingdom Prayer [Matt 6:9-13]