Developing a Conversational Relationship with God

March 11, 2018 ()


Verse: Ephesians 6:18-20

Introduction: What exactly is Prayer?

What is “Praying in the Spirit”?

Pastor Rick Warren – Praying throughout the Day

  1. Get up with Gratitude
  2. Bless God’s name at Breakfast
  3. At midmorning, remember what matters most
  4. List my needs at lunch
  5. I ask for forgiveness in the afternoon
  6. Ask God to help me make wise decisions
  7. I end my day with encouraging truth

Jesus modeled to us how to pray continually:
Keep a running conversation with God throughout the day.

How did Jesus Pray throughout the Day?

  1. Jesus Prayed for others
  2. Jesus Prayed with others (using other people’s prayers)
  3. Jesus Prayed alone
  4. Jesus Prayed in nature
  5. Jesus Prayed in “Overtime"
  6. Jesus Prayed with emotion
  7. Jesus Prayed persistently
  8. Jesus Prayed in submission, knowing His prayer would not be answered as expected