Re-entry: Vision for the Post-COVID World

What will the world look like “on the other side”? How can the church respond? Come and join us as we cast the vision for what RHCCC will be like in a Post Covid World.

Pre-conference | Saturday, July 24th | 9:30am – 11:30am will focus on the preparation to Re-entry. We have a guest speaker David Chrzan, Chief of Staff of Saddleback Church and special training video on Agile leadership by Carey Nieuwhof. More info on

Registration starts at 12am on July 10 and ends at 9:45am on July 24

If you are interested in attending a session on how to use the learn platform, you can go to the learn platform homepage and register for a session (either July 17 at 8pm or July 18 at 2pm).