Questions for John 1:19-51

Read John 1:19-51.

One of the many points to ponder about the strange character of John the Baptist is the way in which all Christina preacher are called to same attitude that John had. We don’t preach ourselves as Paul said, but we preach Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for his sake (2 Cor 4:5). Or, as John put it, “I’m only a voice.”

How might we follow the example of John the Baptist in our own lives?

Nathanael comes from Cana (John tells us this in 21:2), can’t believe that anything good would come out of the rival village, Nazareth, a short distance up the hill (v.46).

What kinds of prejudices prevent people from seeking Jesus today?

Are there any ordinary people—like Andrew, Simon Peter, Nathanael or the unmade disciple—in your life that you might consider inviting to “come and see” Jesus so that they too might experience what it’s like for heaven and earth to be opened to each other right before their eyes? If so, what kind of “come and see” invitation might you make?

If you had to describe a kind of “sign” you are as a Christian, what kind of words or pictures would be on your sign?  What evidence of God would people see what they look at you? Describe yourself in the space below or drawn a sign that represents you:


Write a prayer to God about the kind of sign He wants you to be. Ask God for the strength to stand (like a signpost) to be the kind of witness God can work in and through to bring others to Jesus.