Fire Drill

September 29, Sunday | During Worship Services

  1. We will practice a FULL EVACUATION of the church this time. All occupants will need to evacuate the building. Adults will assemble in the north and south parking lots. Instruction will be given to return to church after the evacuation. Worship services will resume afterward.
  2. Unauthorized personnel please DO NOT go to the basement during the fire drill as this will cause congestion in the staircase/corridor when people are coming up.


  1. All Gr.12 & under students will be guided by teachers and helpers to leave the building (weather permitting) and go to their designated gathering area (far west end of parking lot) for head count. Upon completion of the fire drill, students will be guided back to their classrooms.
  2. Parents with babies in the Nursery, please follow instructions already given by the Nursery Committee. If you have not received it, please check with Nursery babysitters.
  3. In case of real evacuation, parents can find & pick-up their child(ren) at the YLD designated gathering place (far west end of parking lot). If it is deemed unsafe to re-enter the building, please inform your child(ren)’s teacher before leaving the site with your child(ren).