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Mei-Ling Lam

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalms 139: 14 It has been a blessing to me working with children with special needs. I am amazed by their talents and potentialities. I am refreshed by their pure hearts, and it always gives me […]

All God’s Children

Edward Chu Every Sunday, when I step into the Special Needs Children Class, I can experience God’s love and God’s miracle work on these children. These children are so lovely for God had made them so special. They sing off tune but it is the most beautiful voice in God’s eye because they sing out […]

Tania & Alan On

We have been joining this support group for three years. Let us review what Derek has learned during this period, as well as its impact on his development. When Derek was six years old, he had difficulties expressing himself verbally, so it was hard to understand his emotions. Similar to other autistic children, Derek could […]


Hong Keung and Margaret Chow Sons are a heritage from our Lord. Naturally, parents have the responsibilities to teach and to care their sons. If your kids are nice and obedient, you will be very happy and satisfied. Otherwise, it will be a nightmare. To teach or to take care a special need child would […]

Testimony of Love

Peter Sen Brothers and sisters, I am Peter Sen. I am the father of two boys with 8 and 13 years of age. My elder son was diagnosed with severe Autism and moderate Developmental Delay while he was between 3 to 6 years old. He needs personal support 24 hours a day. My wife had […]

Florence & Donald Wong

Florence and I thought that we had experienced the ultimate disappointment, heartaches, and uncertainties on discovering and raising a special child. But the blessings we received and knowing the renewed direction in our lives because of this special child has overshadowed them all. Justin was born on May 31st 1995. As with any new parents, […]

My Experience with Special Needs Children

Dorcas Lam What comes to your mind when someone tells you that he has a child who is autistic or slow in learning? Can the child learn or make progress? Recently, I was scheduled to substitute for three Sundays in the Special Needs class. There were 6 students attending the class in my first Sunday. […]

May & Brian Cheung

We have been married for seventeen years and have two sons. When our elder son was at the age of 5 to 7, he was having great difficulties behaving himself at school and home. Naturally, that causes a great deal of stress and tension within the family. We have experienced a hard time both from […]

Emma Wong

I have once heard a sharing from Ms. Bianca Yip on how she experienced God through her autistic child. It allowed her to realize that she could not have everything under her control but to rely on God. She was turned into a humble person, filled with joy and peace. I joined the ministry for […]

Elaine Lam

We need to spread God’s love and to witness Him since He loves us so much. We have to embrace those children with special needs with extra love and care. I am delighted to serve in this special ministry because I can express God’s love through actions. This is a way to demonstrate “Blessed to […]