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Serving Opportunities for Youth

  • 2020 Apr – Jun Children’s Ministry Sunday Transitional Period Activities Student Helper
  • 2020 Good Friday Children Program Helper
  • Children’s Ministry Summer Mission
  • 2020 Children’s Summer Camps serving opportunities

Special Arrangement February 2020

Special measures until February 29th:

  • Worship services will remain the same. However, outreach programs and those targeting people who are more susceptible to infection are cancelled or deferred. Cancelled/deferred programs will be listed on the website and app of the church.
  • The church will strengthen sanitization and cleanliness of public touch surfaces, specially handrails, door knobs and counters.
  • Use online giving or deposit offering envelopes at the designated offering bags instead of passing the offering bags around during services.
  • Greet each other with a nod and smile instead of handshakes.
  • If you cannot be at church, join us in these online worship through livestream through our app or these links:
    English: 11:00 AM
    Cantonese: 8:45 AM
    Mandarin: 2:00 PM
  • The provision of Sunday snacks, drinks and meals in the church has been suspended until further notice.
  • The Resource Centre will be closed until further notice. Please use the return box to return anything due.
  • The church will closely monitor the situation and adopt appropriate measures accordingly. Please check our website or app for updates.

Cancelled Program:

  • ESL Class

Flu Season

Personal Precautions:

  • Anyone who has recently travelled to affected areas (in particular, mainland China and Hong Kong) or have close contact with such travellers or coronavirus patients are to stay home for 14 days and avoid coming to church or public areas.
  • If you are ill or suffer from symptoms such as fever and coughing, please contact your family doctor and re-join us after recovery. Take special hygiene precautions, limit physical contact and wash hands often.

RHCCC Youth Night – One On One With Jeremy Lin

Thank you, Jeremy Lin 林書豪 for coming on May 24, 2019. You’ve shared about how God’s love has been poured onto you and how you find your identity in Jesus alone. Thanks for telling your story!

If you heard Jeremy’s story and are inspired to learn more about Jesus, shoot us an email. We’d be glad to connect!

Baptismal Class

Baptism is an outward proclamation of your faith in Jesus Christ. If you feel called to take this step, please attend this class. Walk-ins Welcome! The next Baptismal service will be held in Sanctuary 2 on Sat, April 4, 2020 at 2PM. For details and registration, contact/email: 

English | Sunday, March 1 | 1:30PM | B28/29 | Marika Tang | Register by February 25

YLD | Saturday, February 29 | 10:00AM | B21 | Sendy Cheung

Bible Study 3 – John 2:1-22

Read John 2:1-12. Running out of wine was not just inconvenient, but a social disaster and disgrace. The family would have to live with the shame of it for a long time to come; bride and groom might regard it as bad luck on their married life. What is Jesus’ first response when his mother […]