York Lee

York Lee

We’re His Precious Children

The years after my son Adin’s birth turned out to be the darkest period of my life. My boy was diagnosed with severe autism, and caring for him was a huge strain, both physically and emotionally. My relationship with my wife became very tense. I also had to cope with massive pressure at work. I got irritated easily and drifted away from God. In despair, I turned to alcohol.

It was then that an ex-colleague invited me to RHCCC’s Andrew Fellowship. Through the care of our small group, my wife and I experienced God’s amazing love. It was also there that we came to know the Special Needs Ministry, which gave us much needed help. More importantly, we found other families with special needs children, and learned to walk with each other.

Then something amazing happened. One day I was so tired that I fell asleep while praying. In my dream, a person in white was walking with me. I told Him I was physically and mentally exhausted. He comforted me and said, ‘Everything is going to be ok!’. He patted me on my chest. I could feel His hand touching my heart. When I woke up, I had this distinct thought in my mind: “My life takes me to a better place.” Even more amazingly, my wife Connie, also had a similar experience. Once when she cried out to God in great despair, she clearly heard a voice saying, “Adin will be all right. Don’t worry!” She instantly felt a warm current flowing through her whole body, giving her a tremendous sense of peace. Praise God! Today Adin can attend regular school classes with other children!

Connie and I hope to use our own experience to encourage and support families with special needs children. I am currently a coordinator in the Special Needs Ministry, responsible for connecting seven families and arranging meetings. I also hope to raise the community’s awareness and acceptance of children with special needs. In the eyes of our Heavenly Father, we all are His precious children!