Shirley Ma

Shirley Ma

Peace in the Storm

I started attending RHCCC with my two daughters in 1989. The church is now home to four generations of my family.

Over the past 30 years, God’s grace has indeed been sufficient for me. In 1997, within just two months, my husband Henry and I were respectively diagnosed with acute liver disease and thyroid cancer. I was distraught. Our church family prayed earnestly, and my small group supported us, even cooked for us. God gave me tremendous peace throughout this storm. Though facing death, I was not afraid. I knew that God would take care of my daughters. Even more amazingly, Henry realized he couldn’t face life’s challenges by himself, and received Jesus as his savior!

Having tasted God’s grace, we were moved to use our experience to serve others in need. In 1998, Henry proposed to set up a cancer support group, an idea that was soon adopted. Since then, the group has been providing practical information to patients, and members have become each other’s encouragement. Many who recovered returned as volunteers. Most importantly, people came to know Christ through this ministry.

In 2017, Henry was called home by the Lord. Though I missed him tremendously, I was filled with peace, knowing that I would meet him again in heaven. During his last moments, the family gathered around him and sang ‘Blessed Assurance.’

God’s love continues to encourage me. I know that wherever God leads me, that place becomes my harvest field. He will open doors for me to share the gospel. As a resident in Mon Sheong Court, I get to meet many seniors and share God’s love with them.