Grace Leung and Eton Lo

Grace Leung and Eton Lo

Ministry Opportunities Everywhere

We’ve been Christians for many years, even before arriving in Toronto in 1993. When we first joined RHCCC in 2009, we felt as if we were just part of the crowd, until we were invited to a fellowship. It soon became our spiritual home.

The size of the church means many ministry opportunities, if only we’re ready and willing. We started serving in our fellowship and gradually got to know more people. Our sense of belonging has been growing ever since.

Our church emphasizes mission. A few years ago, we felt called to leave our comfort zone and participate in short-term service. So far, we have worked with children in Cambodia and Myanmar, and ministered to the Romani people in Eastern Europe. God has broadened our horizons and continues to help us respond to the Great Commission.

Locally we’ve come to meet many role models at RHCCC who are committed to cross-cultural ministry. In serving the Yazidis and other ethnic groups, we’ve been thrilled to discover that our experience working with immigrants and seniors does come in handy. Now that we’re retired, we pray that God will open new doors for us!