Justin Lam

Justin Lam

God’s Love Pursues Me

God shows His unconditional love through RHCCC’s presence in my life.

RHCCC provided the nursery that allowed my parents to attend worship. YLD teachers and counsellors invested time in me despite my misbehaviour. As an adolescent I debated pastors on their theology, yet I remember their steadfast patience towards me. During my university days, these same pastors, along with other loving brothers and sisters, consistently checked in with me and showed their hospitality whenever I came back to RHCCC for work terms.

As I reflect on these interactions, I realize that to be on mission is to meet people where they are in their lives. Something as simple as consistent presence goes a long way to strengthening relationships in the body of Christ.

Jesus Christ died not just to atone for our sins, but also to create a covenantal community for His people to thrive. I see this at RHCCC through small groups. I’m also blessed to share this community with the youth in BASIC. As I start a new semester in seminary, I give thanks to how God used RHCCC to constantly extend His love to me in every season of my life.