Kate Armani

Kate Armani

Finding Jesus, Finding Truth

I grew up in Iran knowing the Muslim faith, but I always knew that there was a greater truth to the God they claimed to serve and worship.

After 35 years of seeking, I was finally introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and immediately recognized this as the truth I had been searching for. My family and I soon fell deeply in love with Jesus and began our pursuit to better understand the God of the Christian faith. We had been living in the States at that time and we give thanks for the Holy Spirit who provided us with a church to call home.

We returned to Canada in 2018 under less than ideal circumstances, but I soon realized that God had other plans for my life. I decided to go back to church. The Holy Spirit led my family to RHCCC, where we came to feel right at home in the English Ministry.

The love of Jesus shines through RHCCC’s embodiment of hospitality and generosity. It is with great thanksgiving that I have been able to witness God’s love and power in the lives of not only the people at RHCCC, but in my marriage, family, and personal relationship with God.