Florence Tam

Florence Tam

Called to be a Bridge

The word “bridge” best sums up my life calling. I want to be a bridge connecting people with God, as well as connecting people to each other.

RHCCC’s PEACE Institute and small group leader training have prepared me well for ministry. They’ve given me a much broader view of missions. Over the past ten years, God has affirmed my calling time and again. He’s taught me to trust Him and not to be deterred by obstacles.

My life mission is to walk with the weak. They could be people in my small group, or anyone needs help – inside and outside the church. I’m called to pray for each person by name. I take specific action to encourage them, such as taking cancer patients to therapy, preparing meals for single mums, giving cash cards to the needy, standing in as interpreters for new immigrants, and caring for the unemployed, the sick and the bereaved. All this to draw them into God’s loving arms.

God has continued to stretch me, sending me to serve groups and communities outside RHCCC. I’ve worked with Joy Beyond Vision Community, joined Love Foundation’s trips to China, cared for new immigrant families from Syria, and recorded an audio edition for a parenting monthly. Praise God for these opportunities. To Him be the glory!