Joyce Fok

Joyce Fok

Aligning Myself with God’s Plan

Since childhood, I’ve been used to seeing missionaries at home. My parents would turn my bedroom into a guest room whenever we had overnight visitors. But I didn’t mind giving up my space. In fact, I looked forward to meeting new guests and hearing about their adventures.

With my love for exploring, I’ve learned to immerse myself in new cultures by joining mission trips and working abroad. The pivotal moment came when my father passed away. God comforted me through a song called Soar on Wings Like Eagles. He heard my cry, and He understood my longings and desires. I wanted to be closer to my family and decided to join one of my sisters in Shanghai. Thankfully, I found a job as a speech-language pathologist, which paved the way for me to settle there for about 2-1/2 years.

Living in Shanghai gave me access to observing God’s work in Asia. Since my first encounter with Cambodia in 2010, I had been captivated by its culture and loving community. God left a strong impression on my heart to serve Cambodians. And so, I started to visit the country every summer.

My dream had always been to open a speech clinic in a rural area. I did come across some opportunities, but they didn’t feel quite right. I knew Cambodia was the place to be, but God wanted me to wait on Him. Eventually, I felt God was not only inviting me to work in Cambodia, but also to dedicate my life to sharing the gospel with Cambodians. What an aha moment! The Lord was stretching me.

On my third exploratory trip, God introduced me to Glow Cambodia, a new primary school run by missionaries. After spending time in prayer, I heard God say this was the place for me. I would be teaching English in the after-school program. There are students with special needs like language delays and attention deficit disorder. With my training in speech therapy, I can help. To better equip myself, my mom encouraged me to pursue a Ph.D. degree, which I am currently doing. My long-term goal is to train teachers in special education, building up local workers within their system.

I thank the Lord for molding me these past 10 years. Every time I feel despair or uncertainty, God comforts me with music. I know that even in our weakest moments, He will never leave us.