Jason Jones

Jason Jones

A Story of Healing

I came to RHCCC several years ago as an occasional visitor. In the past two years, I joined two small groups and got to know more people, but my heart was still hardened towards God.

For some time, I’ve had severe health issues. Brothers and sisters would take turns to walk with me several times a week, so I would get some exercise. Then about a year ago, when I had come to a very low point in my life, things turned around. It was a Monday, a day off for many pastors. But miraculously I found Pastor John Baik in church! He prayed with me to receive Jesus as Saviour. Hallelujah!

Health problems have made my life extremely difficult. On the other hand, my church family have been extremely gracious. Many took turns to cook for me. A deacon delivered food to my house. People donated a dehumidifier and an air conditioner so I could survive this past summer, when I had difficulty breathing because of the heat.

While I was in hospital, brothers and sisters kept me company. When visiting wasn’t possible because of the pandemic, they prayed with me on WhatsApp. Someone read Scripture with me daily to keep me in the Word. When they found that I couldn’t sit for any length of time without great discomfort, the church bought me a chair. Now I can focus on my computer course and prepare for a future career.

It’s been nothing short of a miracle considering back in the month of May, my doctor told me I only had three months to live. Well, I’m alive now and my health is improving. Praise the Lord for His mighty work rallying the church family around me.