Narges (Naze) Teymouri-Gohar

Narges (Naze) Teymouri-Gohar

A Child and a Servant

To me, God is like my father and best friend – someone I can totally trust. He has allowed me to experience life without Him and with Him. And I know He only means the best for us.

In 2019, I met a Persian couple visiting RHCCC for the first time. I seized the chance to tell them what God had been doing in my life. They didn’t know much English, so I offered to translate that morning’s sermon and a Bible verse. In the next few weeks, I saw God work powerfully in their lives. I accompanied them to meet with one of our pastors. By grace, I had the opportunity to see this couple receive Jesus.

A few days later, I was able to help the husband with a job interview. Because his English wasn’t strong enough, I offered to be his translator. Initially, the employer told us that he didn’t have a position, but promised to call if anything became available. So I invited the couple to pray for guidance. A week later, while we were in a Bible study, the employer called and asked me to translate his job offer to the man! We thanked God for His loving kindness. I told them this is the relationship we can have with the Lord, for He listens to our concerns and provides what we need in His time.

God loves everyone, with no exception. He has also shown me who I am – a child and servant of the Most High.