Marketplace Devotion 2016/08/28

Discovering mission at work: Seeking God

Psalm 105:4

Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence. (Psalm 105:4, the Message)

Discovering our mission calls for times of retreat and solitude, when we learn to listen. Yet, God also loves to reveal Himself in seemingly mundane marketplace settings. Moses was actually at work when he encountered the burning bush (Ex 3:1-6), in which the Lord spoke. Matthew was doing his job collecting taxes when Jesus called him (Mt 9:7-9).

God still speaks to us in the marketplace, even in our frenzied work schedules. The question is whether we know, agree, acknowledge or pay attention. The psalms include lots of stories recording how the Lord acts in human history. In many ways they’re like the spiritual journal of the nation of Israel. Ps 105:4, in particular, has encouraged Jews through the ages to keep their eyes open for God’s works. It then continues to recount God’s mighty acts, leading readers to recall and to be revitalized for the journey ahead.

Have you noticed what the Lord has been doing in your marketplace? When you felt alone and helpless, how did God respond to your prayers? Have you detected any changes in the atmosphere when you silently bless your coworkers, clients and employers? As you acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit, do you have a sense of the peace that cannot be explained?

To seek the face of God is to be alert for signs of His presence. You’re off to a good start if you set apart specific times daily just to quiet down. Take a couple minutes each time, be still, and thank the Lord for being with you. Make this a habit. Seize every opportunity to let the Holy Spirit work with you, through meditation, and by blessing and encouraging others.


  1. As you arrive at work, thank the Holy Spirit for being with you. Then ask Father to help you see His work.
  2. In the next two weeks, set apart 3 hours to half a day for a personal retreat. Switch off your phone and wireless devices, go to a secluded place and quiet down. Pray, review and give thanks.
  3. Record what you receive, and note your emotions. Pray for affirmation from the Holy Spirit.
  4. Try to write down your prayers.


“Father, let me be filled with the Holy Spirit. Let me see your hand in my life. If I’ve missed anything, I still believe that you will help me see. Amen.”