Marketplace Devotion 2016/07/02

At work with God

Luke 10:2-3

What a huge harvest! And how few the harvest hands. So on your knees; ask the God of the Harvest to send harvest hands. On your way! But be careful—this is hazardous work. You’re like lambs in a wolf pack. (Luke 10: 2-3, the Message)

The marketplace is our Lord Jesus’ harvest field.

Try this experiment. Do a rough count of your coworkers and customers. How many of them go to church regularly? We need to understand that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never get all of them to come to church. So let’s bring the church to them! What does this mean? It means dispersing the people who make up “church” into every segment of the marketplace, so that they may comfort and encourage others as representatives of Christ.

This was what happened when Jesus sent the seventy to proclaim peace in the community. Jesus saw the yearning in people’s hearts, and at the right time he sent out his disciples. They were equipped with the Lord’s charge and authority, and they started blessing people everywhere (proclaiming shalom, or peace).

To marketplace Christians today, responding to this commission from Jesus requires a change of heart toward our daily work. How? It begins with acknowledging reality – the fact that Christians are often like lambs among wolves in today’s corporate structures. But since Jesus has sent you, are you prepared to receive his commission? Pray this prayer: “Lord Jesus, the job I have may not be ideal, but I do receive it with thanks. Please help me.” Next, be ready to bless others in the name of Jesus!

Even if you’re fed up with the system, don’t do anything rash, and don’t lose heart. Remember Joseph in Genesis 39-50? Then there’s Daniel. They never had any choice as to their marketplaces, but in the middle of some extreme circumstances they counted on God’s leading and grace, and became His partners at work. They trusted God. They saw hope, and others saw hope through them.

Pray that God will make us children of peace to bring hope, to care for the sick and wounded, and to declare: “God’s Kingdom is right on your doorstep!” (Luke 10:9)


  1. In the name of Jesus, bless your coworkers, partners, employers, clients and even competitors by name. Don’t start blaming anyone, and let God do the judging. Your job is to bless.
  2. Next step: Ask Jesus specifically which person you should pray for today. And who needs a word of comfort? A word of encouragement?
  3. Looking for a better job? Better pastures? Ask the Lord to search your heart and then open doors for you.
  4. Record your prayers and progress.


“Lord, lead my heart to experience the Father’s love and learn the patience of Christ. Amen.”