Marketplace Devotion 2016/06/05

Do your best today!

Colossians 4:17

And, oh, yes, tell Archippus, “Do your best in the job you received from the Master. Do your very best.
(Colossians 4:17 the Message)

What kind of job has the Lord given you? Many would immediately think of church ministries in which we serve. Maybe activities that fit into a community service framework, such as caring for people, teaching children or supporting a local charity. Others might say praying for the lost and sharing the gospel. Of course all this is correct.

What if you were a stockbroker? An auto dealer? Someone in food service? A mining engineer? Or a police officer? Would you be able to say that your daily work was an assignment from the Lord? Indeed, the further we move into the world of commerce, technology and competition, the harder it would seem for us to find a connection between God and our day jobs.

In this week’s verse, the apostle Paul singles out someone called Archippus when signing off his letter to the Colossian churches. Archippus was likely a house church leader or servant – he’s mentioned in Philemon v.2. We’re not sure of his profession. We do know that Paul saw great significance in people’s daily work life, because he wrote earlier: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men (Col 3:23).” We can be sure that Paul expected him to be diligent in all that he did, knowing that it was work received from the Lord.

What kind of job has the Lord given you? Is it just being part of the worship team or leading a cell group? How is your day job an assignment from the Lord? Have you asked the Holy Spirit – your Partner @ Work – to reveal more to you?

We tend to think of work in the marketplace as less important than church ministry, but the Bible says otherwise. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. There’s your assignment today. Now go and do your best for Jesus.


  1. Set apart 2-3 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Sit quietly before the Lord, acknowledge Him as your God (Psalm 46:10). Welcome the Holy Spirit as your Partner @ Work.
  2. Find another time for your daily devotion. Ask for wisdom and insight to face today’s challenges.
  3. Go through your work schedule and appointments. Ask the Spirit to be your Counselor.

“Holy Spirit, let me be more aware of your presence. Let me hear and obey your voice. Amen.”