PEACE Trips | By: Teresa Tong



This year we host the youth leadership and children camp at Sihanoukville again. There were more than 200children and 80 youth came to us. It was quite overwhelming but we knew it was not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God. We trust that as we did our best, God would do the rest. This year we delivered some other Children’s Ministry workshops to the youth, such as, Large Group Communication Skill; Balloon Twisting in Sharing Gospel; Puppetry; Sharing Gospel message. We prepared them to run the drama session, music worship and crafts. So during the children camp, more than half of the time, it was conducted in their Khmer language. We could not understand a word but we were so very joyful because it indicated that more and more of these youth are ready to take up the Children’s Ministry independently in our absence. I could courageous spirit.not understand how these young people within a few days, could learn more than ten songs and related body actions that were not in their native language. It must be the Holy Spirit that was teaching them. Every time we shouted “When we are lonely”, they would respond in one voice loud and clear, “God is with us”!! We were touched by their cheerful smile and courageous spirit.

At the graduation ceremony, we invited their parents to join us for lunch. Before the ceremony began, I shared the Gospel with the parents through the Bible story of the bleeding woman. Some of the mothers were brought to tears. It must be the Spirit that spoke to their hearts directly. Many parents accepted Christ, including a waitress who was serving lunch in the restaurant. It was so encouraging to our team for witnessing God’s miraculous work. As the children and youth presented the Bible story “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” through drama, puppetry and songs, all participants enjoyed the presentation and were deeply touched by the Bible message.


As usual, we visited Matthew and Rita and held outreach program to the village children. We have also visited Daughters Bakery which was run by rescued young prostitutes under the Ratanak Foundation. Thank God for saving these young victims from the evil ones. We visited the Killing Field Memorial, at which thousands of Cambodians were killed brutally by the Khmer Rouge. We were sad to witness the tragic site. It was hard to imagine how cruel mankind could be. We surely need God! After visiting Cambodia, Myanmar’s Grace Haven invited us to return to conduct Children’s Ministry training workshops to their seminary students and leaders from various Gospel centres of the mountain. With similar strategy as Cambodia, we trained the youth in the workshops and invited them to assist us in the evening children program, so that they could practice what they had learned. We repeated the same training and children program at Pyin Oo Lwin Student Centre. It is always joyful to pass the baton on to the next generation so that they could continue to run this spiritual race on earth!



We are returning to Cambodia to host the youth leadership and children camp for the 5th year. Since we have taught them over 40 hymns in the past few years, we have decided to have a review on all these songs. We plan to present as many songs from this review list as possible through a musical presentation on the story of Queen Esther. It is going to be a big production with props, costumes, and drama, mixed with 20+ songs. Prayerfully, both children and youth could learn from this story, on how to follow God’s plan and pursue that dream in the Lord. This is going to be the theme of this year’s camp: “God’s Plan in Us, Go For the Dream!” We have prepared a few training workshops for the youth leaders: Creative Ways for Bible Verse Memorization; Learning to Pray;

PPGCC has opened an international Christian school at Phnom Penh. The camps will be hosted at the capital city so that we could invite families of the school students to our graduation ceremony. Hopefully it will build a bonding with the parents, as well as promote the school to its neighbouring families. The Gospel centre “Noah’s Ark” that we have been visiting in the past years have started a school for the poor village children. Within a year, it has an attendance of over 200 children. Praise the Lord! We will also continue visiting and supporting the ministry of Matthew and Rita as well as Ratanak Foundation. May God use our team as a channel of blessing to many more.


Regretfully, there is a political turmoil in Cambodia after its recent election. We need your earnest prayer support. Since the tragic history of Khmer Rouge Regime, Cambodia has been under Hun Sen, a dictator government for the past 28 years. In July 2013, there was a nation-wide election. The opposition party claimed its victory but the ruling government insisted that they were the ultimate winner. The opposition party threatened to host a massive protest against an unfair election and requested an open investigation (involving UN) on the election result. The situation in Cambodia is currently very tense. If a protest breaks out, it is likely to turn into blood-shed violence. It is sad to witness this poor country goes through another potential tragedy and genocide within such a short period of history. Not only do we need to pray for discernment in making the decision of “Go” or “No-Go” in case the situation turns to be unsafe for the team, we also ask for your prayer support for this country, especially for its missionaries and the youth that have such a patriotism for building and evangelizing their country.


We also plan to conduct Children’s Ministry workshops and host children program at Grace Haven (Lashio at Myanmar), leading youth fellowship at Yangon University and running children program at two orphanage of Yangon. May the Lord keep the door of Myanmar and Cambodia open for receiving the Gospel. May God’s beauty continue to shine in this dark world.