By : Pastor Kelly Tam


Urban Promise is a Christian organization that works with at-risk children, youth and families in Toronto.  They exist to “proclaim the love of Jesus and to express it through the spiritual, social and educational development of children, youth and families living in Toronto Community Housing”.  As our church believes in this vision and what Urban Promise is trying to accomplish, we have partnered with this organization and sent youth teams to this missions field for the past 5 years.

From hanging out with the kids to prepping food for snacks, our team is there to help make their summer camp as smooth as possible.  This missions experience is an opportunity not just for us to exercise our faith and put our words into action, but it is an chance for our young people to understand the needs of our own community.  So often we think of missions as going overseas, but it is also important for us to understand that there are struggles in “our own backyard”.  Our young people come back from this missions field with a new perspective.  They are troubled by what poverty people their own age are living in, but also inspired to do more in the name of the Lord.

The purpose of providing such an experience for our young people is to help them open their eyes.  We want them to serve God through this missions opportunity and also be opened to how others are living as well.  The goal is for God to work through them, but also in them.  That they can grow and deepen their understanding of the Gospel and missional living through this missions trip.