RHCCC English Leaders Rally, Leading with a Purpose

All English Leaders Training

Fri, Nov 24 | 7:30PM | Bayview Hill Community Centre: Renaissance Rm
This first evening will be held OFFSITE and led by our own Pastor Ho-Ming and staff to help us envision what “Leading with a Purpose” looks like and also sharing the vision for 2018 and onward. This will be an important evening dedicated to prayer, planning and visioning for our English Ministry. This will be a time to talk, interact, learn and hope together for the future of what God has in store for us.

Sat, Nov 25 | 9AM | The HUB
The second part will include guest Pastor Jonathan Dodson (Austin City Life Church) who will be leading us through an evangelism training with his book “Unbelievable Gospel”. This is an important training for ALL ministry leaders. Coffee, Tea & Light Breakfast will be served.

ALL ministry leaders please register online.