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Upper Canada Camp 環境優美,定能讓孩子們藉神的創造與神更親近及感受祂的同在,並享受與主內朋友們一起參加各項有趣活動的歡樂。能讓此屬靈經歷成為孩子們日後在主裏成長的幫助,乃我們籌辦此暑期宿營的目的。

Overnight Camp

For current Grade 4 to Grade 6 students


Through this overnight camp, your child will be in a Christ-centered community under the loving guidance and care of experienced Small Group Leaders who are high school or university students of our church. The campers will learn to connect with God and their friends through messages delivered in creative ways, fun-to-make crafts, singspiration, games, sports, interest groups, camp fire and various interactive activities.

Upper Canada Camp offers ample opportunities for the children to get close to God’s creation, experience His presence and enjoy fun-filled and exciting activities with their friends. It is our prayer that the spiritual experience and friendship they enjoy in the camp will continue to impact their lives for many years to come.